Metal Bellows Expansion Joints are one of the many solutions Unaflex® offers.

Metal Bellows are custom manufactured atbellows joints Unaflex® utilizing the highest quality materials. We offer a full range of material in the highest grades of  stainless steel and more exotic alloys including Monel®, Inconel® and Hastalloy®. Unaflex® manufactures Metal Bellows expansion joints in a variety of configurations. Single bellows, Universally tied, gimbals, or externally pressurized. Whatever your need Unaflex® can build the Metal Bellows solution you need.

Our expertise and manufacturing capabilities include Metal Bellows Expansion Joints, Rubber Expansion Joints, PTFE Expansion Joints, Fabric Expansion Joints, Metal Hose and Pump Connectors. Unaflex® is one of the few companies in the world that can offer a complete expansion joint and hose product line. This web site outlines selection and installation of our Metal Bellows Type Expansion Joints and Pump Connectors for use in pipe lines and process vessels to absorb motion in the system. Our products incorporate the latest recommendations of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association.